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Thread: Sergey Nevone - White Swans [DEF055]

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    Sergey Nevone - White Swans [DEF055]

    1. Original Mix
    2. Liquid Vision respray
    3. Mike Flyer Remix

    Following his huge releases "Nature" and his collab with Simon O'Shine "Last Goodbye", Defcon favourite Sergey Nevone returns again with a brand new slice of emotional, uplifting trance, entitled "White Swans". The original is backed up by two progressive remixes, each approaching from a different angle and offering something new.

    The original mix features the classic Sergey Nevone sound, huge uplifting strings and synths, symphonic, orchestral breakdown, complimented by a powerful, driving bassline.

    Up first with the remixes is another Defcon favourite, the ever-consistent Liquid Vision. He brings us one of his renowned progressive "resprays" that demonstrate his wide versatility - a dark, haunting bassline, backed up with a breakdown full of soaring synths.

    Defcon newcomeer Mike Flyer brings us another progressive interpretaion in his remix. With a techy bassline and FX, he utilises the massive lead riff to great effect, delivering a powerful, unique-sounding result.

    Youtube preview:

    SoundCloud preview:

    White Swans (Original Mix)
    White Swans (Liquid Vision respray)
    White Swans (Mike Flyer Rmx)


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