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Thread: Janekdj - Trance Feelings 004 Radioshow ( 16-03-2012)

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    Janekdj - Trance Feelings 004 Radioshow ( 16-03-2012)

    For the lovers of Dark & emotional vibez as broadcasted earlyer ;o)
    Hope i can enjoy some of you with my mixes ,all mixed live with Pioneer Eq no software mixes !!
    this mix is a Wellenrausch special , made before the livegig in Berlin last month .
    so i'm in regular contact to Torsten Fassbender ,a buddy of me ,who's storming the charts right now !!

    feedbacks ;o))

    Janekdj - Trance Feelings 004 Radioshow ( 16-03-2012)

    01.Wellenrausch - Shape Of Berlin (Original Mix)# Afterglow
    02.Allure - I Am (Extended)# Magik Muzik
    03.Wellenrausch - Sanctified (Original Dub Mix)# Afterglow
    04.Ilya Flame pres Inners - Lonely (Tucandeo Remix)# InfrasonicRec
    05.Wellenrausch - Million Miles to Run # Afterglow
    06.Basil O'Glue - Doublespeak Effects # Armada
    07.Addictive Glance - Sakura (Wellenrausch Remix)# Afterglow
    08.Sunleed - Rasalhague (Original Mix)# EnhancedRecordings
    09.Wellenrausch - No Superstition (Album Version)# Afterglow
    10.Sundrowner - Nothing Matters (Original Mix)# dangerboxrecordings
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