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Thread: DR027 Damien Kennedy pres. Nankeen - Colours inc. Touchstone Remix OUT NOW

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    DR027 Damien Kennedy pres. Nankeen - Colours inc. Touchstone Remix OUT NOW

    DR027 Damien Kennedy pres. Nankeen - Colours

    Original Mix
    Touchstone Remix

    Audiojelly Exclusive - OUT NOW Click link to purchase

    Worldwide Release - 7th May 2012

    Damien Kennedy dons his Nankeen moniker once again for Digitized Recordings with this new release, 'Colours'.

    Featuring deep basslines and hypnotic plucks, the original mix is a piece of progressive bliss. Atmospheric, gated vocals pervade the mix with ambience and rhythm; a superb progressive original.

    Touchstone lends a remixing hand with a complete reinterpretation. Uplifting and powerful, with a satisfyingly euphoric breakdown and superemly atmospheric lead, Touchstone once again exceeds himself with a remix of the highest quality.

    Deep and atmospheric, or uplifting and euphoric, this is an essential package for any trance fan. 'Colours' is presented by Digitized Recordings.

    The track has had massive support from the following:

    Above The Clouds, Andrea Mazza, Angel Ace, Barry Duffy, Ben Alonzi, Bluehawk, Brett Wood, Bryan Summerville, Che Armstrong, Chris Cockerill, Ciro Visone, Cliffy Burrows, Con Phillips, Dave Cold, Estigma, Ex-Driver, Function C, Gareth Weston, Gav Pilling, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Glynn Alan, Gordon Coutts, Ian Betts, James Dymond, Kaeno, Karybde And Scylla, Kumara van der Gaast, Laura May, Lazarus, Magdelayna, Manuel Le Saux, Mark Winstanley, Mr Carefull, Natalie Parker, Neal Scarborough, Neil Bamford, Ozzy XPM, Paul Moloney, Pusher, Si Whelan, Simon Bostock, Space Garden, Suzy Solar, System Restore, Tim Rand, Tom Colontonio, Tom Yelland, Toni Lankinen, TrancEye, Sy Gardner, Volodymyr plus many more.

    Soundcloud links:

    Original Mix:

    Touchstone Remix:

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    Touchstone Remix is very nice

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