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Thread: God Save The Queen. 30-04-2012 Amsterdam ( The Netherlands) Queensday party

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    God Save The Queen. 30-04-2012 Amsterdam ( The Netherlands) Queensday party

    Gatecrasher Global 2012 & TWSTD Presents


    Everyone that wants to visit the legendary Queensday celebration in the Netherlands in style and not end up in a House-less mess that the city centre will be this year, is herby cordially invited to attend God Save The Queen at the Stavangerweg, near the urban beach Strand West, from 12.00 hours till 20.00 hours. For the royal amount of €5 you will get that legendary orange feeling with two different areas featuring the very best in Trance and Techno.

    While the Royal family is spending this wonderful day doing small time things in small time villages, Amsterdam will present the majestic clash between British party giant Gatecrasher and the Queensday specialists TWSTD. This whole new concept is called God Save The Queen, a divine alternative for those looking for a break from the too crowded center scenes.

    Gatecrashed will make the banks of the IJ river shine orange with their melodic and transcending trance sounds. God’s gift to U.K. clubbers will make so noise in the Dutch capital, shockwaves will be felt across the pond and make teapots shake back in Buckingham Palace.
    First up is the U.K. king of trance, Sir Paul Oakenfold, with big, fat neon letters on the top of the bill. One of the true EDM pioneers and the first to bring this new style of music to the States.
    Up next is BBC Radio’s crown prince of Trance Judge Jules. A man that has got more Queensday experience points on his belt then many locals. We also welcome Gatecrasher original Scott Bond. The stories about this man’s antics during Queensdays dating back to the mid ‘90s. Also hailing from the U.K. are Mark Sherry and Claudia Cazacu. Finally, the international side of the Gatecrasher bill will be completed by New York heavyweight Sean Tyas who, will ad some big city roughness.
    Then we have the local heroes, starting with the one that is celebrated on dance-floors around the globe for blending all EDM has to offer into his unique Dutch blend… mr. Marco V. Fellow Dutch folk heroes Chriz Cortez, Ernesto and Richard Durand will be presented with a royal badge of honor for saving the musical side of things on April 30th.

    Many Queensday survivors still become all jizzy when they thing back to the legendary parties in the front yard of the old TWSTD clubhouse, where Dutch House-lovers from all corners gathered. These orange vets will inject their completely new party spot with the same red-white-&-blue Dutch pride with some fine tastin’ House, Tech-House and Techno.

    Steve Rachmad has some stories to tell about some extraterrestrial April 30’s in years past when the Rozengracht featured two competing sound systems turning the entire street in one crazy rave.
    Isis, goddess of the sun, has been a friendly face at the Dutch capital’s Queensday celebrations since she was a teenage girl and during God Save The Queens she will make her best crown jewels shine.
    Dutch knights JP (dueling with Lone Striker), Bart Skills, Melon and Tim Wolff should all receive a bronze statue for their services, maybe even smack in the center of the Weteringsplantsoen.
    Quentin van Honk and Milo Moraes will, as the official winners of the TWSTD 2011 and 2012 mix championships, show the crowd again exactly what it takes to take a crowd and turn it up to insane.
    Ffinally, there will also be a very special Mystery Guest, a person that has achieved an almost legendary status during many very special Queensdays past...

    1st area hosted by Gatecrasher Amsterdam

    Paul Oakenfold
    Marco V
    Judge Jules
    Sean Tyas
    Richard Durand
    Chris Cortez
    Claudia Cazacu
    Mark Sherry
    Scott Bond
    Marc Simz

    2nd area hosted by TWSTD

    *Mystery Guest* - to be announced soon!
    Steve Rachmad
    Bart Skills
    JP aka Lone Striker
    Tom Wolff
    Quentin van Honk
    Milo Moraes

    OUEENSDAY 30 April 2012
    12.00 - 20.00


    Tickets cost 5 euros each (plus fee) in advance, and are available throughPaylogic and all Primera stores.
    Yuu can also get your tickets for free here(limited):

    Normal Tickets: https://​​?e...203;le_id=1601


    near Strand West (Stavangerweg)

    The Stavangerweg situated on the banks of the IJ and is near the central station about 15 minutes walk

    Will you walk from the rear of the central station where the ferries depart, keep the water on your right and you are there after 3 blocks.


    Promotional links /

    Hope to see you all next Week!! gonna be massive

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    Amazing lineup at 1st area!

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    yess it is!! And for a very low price. I got my tickets for free :D

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