Are you ready for more Anarchy?

Well, with 142 bpm it's not House music ;-)
Broadcasted on Belgium radiostation C-Dance, April 19

Once again, a track from Juventa - Sapphire (Original Mix), as mentioned before in Trance Kingdom 071.
Also a nice track by Peter Plaznik - The Werewolf (Original Mix)
Well, to be honest, I like them all! ** duh.... **

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01 Digicult - The Return (vs Fatali)
02 kamil polner - groundside
03 Narayana - Metro (Original Mix)
04 Juventa - Sapphire (Original Mix)
05 Maguire - Face Yesterday (Dark Acid Mix)
06 Nick Sparkle - Vega (Aimoon Remix)
07 Peter Plaznik - The Werewolf (Original Mix)
08 Daniel Loubscher And Illyra - Golden Sky (Adriz Remix)
09 Allan McLuhan - When The City Sleeps (Original Mix)
10 Nick Sentience - Mind Control (Thomas Bronzwaer Remix)
11 Ivan Sognatore - Buena Vida (A.R.D.I. Remix)
12 Jerom - Blue Lagoon (Original)
13 Mark Eteson & Jon Prior - Dynamic Stability (Aly & Fila Remix)

Download links and tracklist can be found here