Welcome Trance Fans & Newcomers to my 62nd Episode of Vicio's World!

This set starts with beautiful balearic sounds, following with electric-vibed Progressive and sweet vocals; and finishing up with Energetic and banging uplifting sounds! Don't forget to vote and comment! Have an amazing weekend!

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1) Villanaranjos - Granadella [Original Mix]
2) Roald Velden - Last Sunset [Original Mix]
3) Rafael Foost - Channel 4 [Original Mix]
4) Dave 202 - Force [Virtual Vault Remix]
5) Wezz Devall - Kill of a Year [Dave Schiemann MILF Revenge Remix]
6) Rene Ablaze & Alexander Xendzov feat Sharon Fehlberg - Cast Your Spell [Clokx Remix]
7) Miroslav Vrlik - I want You Back [Original Mix]
8) Marc Simz - Forbidden City [Orla Feeney Remix]
9) Max Solar & Next Beat - Future Fusion
10) Ledo - Miriamele [TranceEye Remix]

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-DJ Vicio