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Thread: Kuffdam - City Lights (Album) [Borderline]

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    Kuffdam - City Lights (Album) [Borderline]

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    Kuffdam is a name synonymous with quality trance music and his releases on Vandit along with Plant as well as his solo outings on the label show that in force.

    His recent album released on the now defunct Hyline label continues this pedigree and when Hyline ceased trading, we snapped up at Borderline to keep Kuffdam's music alive and well.

    The album is full of quality trance music from the mixture of prog/psy and uplifting trance on A Lucid Dream, right through to the full on techy in-your-face feel to Kracatoa taking in more uplifting styles on its way.

    Included in the album are all the original mixes by Kuffdam himself with a single release of the lead track City Lights with remixes from Mac & Monday pres. Senua and Relaunch also available.

    Check it out!

    Beatport Release Date: 14th May 2012
    Catalogue No: BORDB027
    Label: Borderline Music
    Format: Download


    1. Kuffdam - A Lucid Dream (Original Mix)
    2. Kuffdam - Ennovy (Original Mix)
    3. Kuffdam ft. Lo-Fi Sugar - Let It Begin (Deep Mix)
    4. Kuffdam ft. Grant Paterson - City Lights (Original Mix)
    5. Kuffdam - In The Main Room (Original Mix)
    6. Kuffdam - We Gotta Go (Again) (Original Mix)
    7. Kuffdam - Back To Sensation (Original Mix)
    8. Kuffdam - 9Th & First (Original Mix)
    9. Kuffdam - Just A Moment (Original Mix)
    10. Kuffdam - Alive (Original Mix)
    11. Kuffdam - Kracatoa (Original Mix)
    12. Kuffdam ft. Lo-Fi Sugar - Let It Begin (Trance Dub Mix)

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    Kuffdam ft. Lo-Fi Sugar - Let It Begin (Trance Dub Mix)

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