Having put together an 'Emotional' set,on the last episode,i now turn to the Melodic sub genre of trance with a special Set featuring the productions & remixes of Dutchman Steven Baan, A.K.A ‘Estiva’,who in my opinion is one of the best Melodic Trance artists around.His flair for creating beautiful sounds is evident on this compilation,which features some of his best works,from the last few years.
DL JTT313 here
01 TEMPLE ONE ft HANNAH RAY autumn leaves(estiva)
02 ESTIVA adamas
03 ESTIVA avalon
04 ESTIVA fading freedom
05 DANIEL KANDI venice beach(estiva)
06 ESTIVA i feel fine(piano mix)
07 ESTIVA lifting leaves
08 ESTIVA les fluers
09 ESTIVA privilege
10 ESTIVA the kingdom
11 MAX GRAHAM ft NEEV KENNEDY sun in the winter(estiva)
12 ESTIVA friends & enemies
13 TEMPLE ONE november lovely(estiva)
14 ALEX MORPH ft ROBERTA HARRISON photograph(estiva)
15 ESTIVA ft JOSIE better days
16 ESTIVA foreverland
17 ESTIVA fame
18 TUCANDEO ft JENNIFER HERSHMAN only we know(estiva)
19 ESTIVA fake snake