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Thread: Track history order

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    Lightbulb Track history order

    Dear crew and community,

    first off huge congratulations for making the in my opinion best online radio around!
    You're doing a great job and I really enjoy listening to it, reading through the forums and watching the overall development is going through!

    I do have one request though:
    Lately the order of the track history has changed (hasn't it?!) such that upcoming tracks are now on the right side, the currently played track is in the middle above and the previously played tracks are on the left side.
    This is a counter-clockwise flow and reads somewhat irritating (at least for me).
    I guess you might have had your reasons to change the order but maybe you can think about changing it back again if more people feel like me ?

    A clockwise track flow with upcoming tracks left, current at the top and previous right just feels more "natural" to me :D

    Another option would be to let the users decide for themselves via a setting in the settings menu.
    Just as a suggestion.

    What do you say about this?

    Keep up the excellent work and rave on!

    Best regards,

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    Hey Chris thanks for the feedback.. i think your theory makes more sense as its a natural feeling with the flow form left to right... we will change it back as it was the original way of things ... wanted to see what others think but already a few have PM me about this.

    Change will happen today for a more natural look. Thx
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    Thumbs up

    Hey Dan,

    Awesome news.
    Thanks for your efforts! is the best.
    Have a great weekend.


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