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Thread: Helion Tide - Spire EP [Unearthed Records]

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    Helion Tide - Spire EP [Unearthed Records]

    Bryan Mason is the next producer to grace Unearthed Records with a 3 track EP under his Helion Tide guise. The first track of the bunch is Spire, the title track of the EP. Spire is a beautiful original piece of trance with a simply gorgeous orchestral breakdown which culminates in a massive plucky saw lead, euphoric bliss!

    The Last Cosmonaut is the second track from this new producer. A more laid back affair here, again with an orchestral breakdown but with a less in your face, gentle lead riff and a more groovy, melodic mainsection.

    The third track on the EP is Nibiru Sunrise and is an altogether darker piece of trance. Nibiru Sunrise builds delicately with a chunky bassline, cool transitions and a melancholic edged main riff.

    1. Helion Tide - Spire (Original Mix)
    2. Helion Tide - The Last Cosmonaut (Original Mix)
    3. Helion Tide - Nibiru Sunrise (Original Mix)

    Release info:

    Release date: 28th of May Beatport Exclusive!
    11th of June at all other major download portals!

    Available from: Beatport, Juno, Audiojelly, Trackitdown, DjDownload + More



    Helion Tide - Spire (Original Mix)

    Helion Tide - The Last Cosmonaut (Original Mix)


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    Helion Tide - Nibiru Sunrise (Original Mix)

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    very nice EP

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    Out now:

    Support from:

    Giuseppe Ottaviani, Manuel le Saux, Luke Terry, Paul Gibson, Dan F, Dimitri Kechagias, Ex-Driver, Karybde & Scylla, Marko Ruusuvirta, Stan Wise, Suzy Solar, Cialin Templeton, Dima Krasnik, Elite Electronic, Hughes & Ballantine, Lazarus, Manuel Rocca, Mark Arbor, Morvan, Odonbat, Robert Gitelman, Sven Kleinert

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