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Thread: Dani Vicio Pres. Vicio's World Ep64

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    Dani Vicio Pres. Vicio's World Ep64

    Good week everybody! First of all, thank you very much for voting for the best tune of this week's podcast! This set starts off with sweet laidback melodies to relax your typical Friday, but the tune of the week from Cosmic Gate and the sweet vocal melodies from Emma Hewitt will start off this energetic-vibed Podcast which will make you cheer for more!! Enjoy this breath-taking, emotional and energetic episode 64th of Vicio's World! Enjoy!


    1) Lotek - Solent Dusk
    2) Mykleby - Light Years [Original Mix]
    3) Tune of the Week: Cosmic Gate feat Emma Hewitt - Not Enough Time [Extended Mix]
    4) Damien Kennedy Pres. Nankeen - Andromeda [Carbossy Remix]
    5) Estigma - Renovation [Dimension Remix]
    6) ReOrder & Stine Grove - Seize the Day [Radio Edit]
    7) Laaguidi Brothers - Turn it Up
    8) Interview with Nikos Fousias Row: Tiesto vs Tomcraft - Lethal Loneliness[Row Mashup]
    9) Jawawi - Nairoby to London [Ferry Tayle Remix]
    10) Etasonic - Different Feelings [Original Mix]

    Vote, comment and share this podcast at:

    -Dani Vicio

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