Hello #TranceFamily,

As it's my 1st ever post in AHFM forum, I would love to present to you my Xtensive radio show episodes, broadcasted live every 2 weeks on my personal website. Sorry if i'm late in posting my episodes but you can find my previous episodes on mixcloud link 'and other links' you need to be able to reach it at the bottom of this thread. Below is my Episode 038 broadcasted on April 2nd, 2012. Enjoy ur listening and looking forward to here your comments ;-) .. Soon i will be posting my Soundcloud link which makes you able to download it .

Link: http://www.mixcloud.com/Dj_Xavier/xt...8-apr2nd-2012/

1- Ummet Ozcan - Arcadia
2- Symphonix & Venses - True Reality (Haldolium Remix)
3- Activa - Telic Part One (Boxer Remix)
4- Dance - Expect What
5- Wayde Rafnel & Dave Correa - Derailed (Des McMahon Remix)
6- Jurrane, Sly One, Protest Movement - You Forget (Edit)
7- John O'Callaghan & Heatbeat - Las Lilas
8- Armin Van Buuren pres. Gaia - Status Excessu D (Sebastian Brandt Remix)
9- Push - Universal Nation (Original 'Real Anthem' Mix)
10 - Deathmind - Freakshow
11- Talla 2XLC Vs. Sean Tyas - Heart To Heart
12- Indecent Noise - Warsaw (Tech Edit)
13- Faruk Sabance ft. Renee Stakey - Stranger (Heatbeat Dub Remix)
14- Fragile ft. Alex Lemon - Inertia (Armin Van Buuren Remix)
15- James Allan & Kevin Aitken - Killswitch (Mark Sherry Remix)
16- Des McMahon - Raven
17- Trance Arts & Sonic Element - Reformation
18- Simon Patterson - Latika
19- Gareth Emery, Christina Novelli - Concrete Angel (John O'Callaghan Remix)
20- Magnus - Velvet (John O'Callaghan Remix)

Thank You for the listening.

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