PLN075 Gaiatech - Progressive Re-Birth - Polena Records

Cat N. PLN075
Date Release: 18/05/2012
Format : Cd
Distribution : Arabesque Distribution Ltd
Artist: Gaiatech
Album: Progressive Re-Birth
Country: Italia
Genres: Psy Trance - Progressive

Track Name:

Sweet Lullaby Min 07:18
Deep Space Alpha Min 07:25
Punx Inside Min 06:27
Minimal Atmosphere Min 07:31
Legacy Re-Birth Min 07:18
Piano Roll Min 07:08
Sunday 6pm Min 07:08
I like da funk Min 06:31
Under mi Sensi Rmx Min 06:16
Basskihat Techno Mix Min 06:55

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Description ep:

Polena records is proud to present the new Gaiatech release!
Gaiatech is a project by Simone Mecozzi, the italian dj and music producer better known as Dj Meko.
After five months from the last third Ep release “Hope”, launched in Sept. 2011, the new album by Gaiatech is out now!
This new album represents an experiment, a search of new sound dimensions. A fresh psychedelic progressive sound, with reggae/dub & minimal/techno influences, in a range between 121 and 130 bpm, with deep basses and crunchy sinths, addition of arps, sinthetic dub voices and gated melodic arrangements.
A must to put in the car and in the new style dj bag.
A new journey to the future of psychedelic progressive music.
A meltin' pot experience around the globe of sounds..
Enjoy the music!

Artist Bio:

Gaiatech is Simone Mecozzi, well known in trance scene like Dj Meko. Born in Rome,. Italy, in 1978; graphic designer, music producer & Dj. He grow up with any kind of rock, preferring since was boy sound like Pink Floyd, loving funk of '70 and electro rock of 80', like Europe, Duran Duran & Depeche Mode, but also influenced by Jamaican reggae and African sounds; he played guitar, drum.& percussion for many years during young period of his life. He studied multimedia design comunication, unifying his passion for music and computer arts; in this period, he met electronic music sounds, influenced by Aphex Twin and kraftwork. Since 1999, he started to play like Trance Dj all over his country and around Europe, Africa, southeast Asia and south America, in many parties and in some big festival like Sonica festival, Universo Paralello, Rhythms of Peace, Anitworld 777, and many more. In 2004 he began to produce his proper music; at the beginning like psytrance live act in collaboration with P.Nofi aka Sismic, then, influenced by different music style, he started his solo project. At the moment he's busy to make his new progressive trance & ambient techno productions. The name Gaiatech comes from a mix between life and nature, connected with technology: Gaia is the name of mother Earth, and Tech is linked to passion for technology, in this case for electronic music production. Playing in some big worldwide events, the new Gaiatech style is psychedelic progressive trance & techno dub, which makes people around the globe dance!

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