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Thread: So I recently started out a little blog about Trance tracks...

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    So I recently started out a little blog about Trance tracks...

    Hey guys, so I recently started out a little blog where I transcribe my feelings for trance tracks that I personally LOVE. I don't have any specific set days where I make new entries, I just make new entries whenever.

    So check me out if you got a minute, and feel free to share or leave some comments!

    Here's a link to my blog:

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    All the best there!

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    Vanity I would love to have you listen to one of my mixes and write a blog about it. I have about 1,500 fans on my Facebook page at the moment and would defiantly post it after your review. It depends what you are in the mood for. My main Soundcloud page is.

    For starters I would recommend my latest mix tittled Focus On The Vocals 3. This is a compilation mix that I have started few years back. This latest chapter has gotten a lot of positive feedback from all over the world. So far it's been broadcasted in Netherlands and UK soon to be. I hope you like it and I look forward to your review.

    Thank you,


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