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    ID Help

    Sup guys, my friend has these two clips from the same tune, and we really love the song. Unfortunately we don't know the name or even have a copy of the song, but only two small clips. We'd really appreciate it if anyone could give us a name and artist, anything would help.

    This .zip contains both of the clips; and I'm not exactly sure how my friend got them, so they aren't the best of quality.


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    Im sure someone will be able to help you out mate.
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    I had a listen... no idea what they're called.

    I searched google for the lyrics "melting fading melting" - but no go.
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    Also given them a idea at all mate

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    my friend said that he heard it on afterhours radio, on an Alex M.O.R.P.H. b2b Woody van Eyden [replay], but he didn't remember which one ='[

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