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Thread: 2006|09|22 Sebvantech pres. Uk Trance Essenials Episode 007

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    2006|09|22 Sebvantech pres. Uk Trance Essenials Episode 007


    01.Jody Wisternoff vs. Janet - Cold Drink Hot Lesbian (SolidBase Hot Martini Mix) [cd-r]
    02.BT feat. Jan Johnston-Communicate (Mike Shiver Remix) [cd-r]
    03.Adam Nickey - Perfect Destiny (alexey selin remix) [deep blue limited]
    04.FabbX - Amsterdam [cd-r]
    05.Cape town - proglifter (original mix) [bonzai]
    06.Frank Hendrix - Reality (Remix)
    07.Pate No 1 Feat Colinda - Always (Dallas Superstars Remix) [cassagrande]
    08.Vibrasphere - Floating Free [cd-r]
    09.t4l-maximus[in trance we trust]
    10.Super8 & P.O.S. pres. Aalto - 5 (Nitrous Oxide remix) [cd-r]


    Uk Trance Essentials every friday //9PM - 10 PM GMT @

    What you will hear:

    Trance Music on Uk Trance Essentials - listen to trance music with the hottest
    artists. Get 100% commercial-free on our show.

    If u are looking for epetitious morphing beats, and the throbbing melodies which
    would presumably put you into a trance-like state - choose us!!

    Take a break in the lounge and wind down with uk trance in a quiet groove.

    Take part in our journey through the sounds of trance music!

    What we play:

    We play music from trance labels such as: anjunabeats, captivating sounds, a state of trance, elevation, enhanced and many more.

    Uk Trance Essentials - 100 % Commercial-Free Music.


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    waiting for comments

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    nice tunes so far m8 looking forward to the rest of the set and look out on ur transitions because TimQ will 'judge' them

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    ladny secik!! za tydzien polski dzien !!
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    yup..polski..i zarazem historyczny

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    I listen Ur set and i must say that is very good, nice tunes and beatmatching
    See U

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