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Thread: Can I use AH.FM on my stream? License issues ?

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    Can I use AH.FM on my stream? License issues ?


    I have been an avid listener of AH.FM for a long time now and also listening to AH.FM while gaming. But recently I have started streaming my games and have been avoiding listening to music while gaming and streaming due to license concerns. Any viewers I have to my stream will ofc be able to listen in on AH.FM while watching my games and I know that normally that would be a problem as it constitutes public performance of possibly copyrighted music.

    My question then is:

    1: Can I listen to AH.FM while streaming games and thus also the music I listen to?

    I hope you understand my question/concerns. <-- Absolutely LOVE that smiley!

    Best regards

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    Hi mate, to answer your question yes you can stream and play games, there would not be any license issues, I mean anyone can tune in at anytime and stream where ever they want to. So go ahead and stream, thank you for support and nice comments!

    If you have any other questions dont hesitate to ask
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