Ok, Lets be cool here.

I dont want a mod to shut this thred down so please, DO NOT post a site that can draw attention to these very nice forum/site. I know...but I want AH.FM to keep "moving" with body rockin choonz.

That said, What site do you pay per dl music???

I love trance, Rock, Jazz, Disco, Latin, and yes...R&B. I just cant see myself setting up an account with a music site that gives me 2 out of 6 or even 4 out of 6. I know its a tall order but I am posting "pay per dl"...NOT free.

Sooooow...If you have to have that one song that makes you cream! What site and why? And, not to mention, PRICE! I will not pay more than, lets say, 1.50USD for any one tune. It would be nice to find the latest trance even if...

Thanks for your help,