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Thread: Sergey Shabanov - Embrace EP [DEF059]

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    Sergey Shabanov - Embrace EP [DEF059]

    Having already remixed for us several times, Sergey Shabanov brings us his first original release on Defcon with his Embrace EP.

    Title track Embrace is a dark, pumping affair built around a haunting lead riff that permeates throughout.
    Serpentine is a more melodic, uplifting number with a summery feel to it.

    Boomerang places itself somewhere between the other two tracks, with an uplifting feel over an infectious lead.

    Up on remix duty for Embrace is Ikerya Project, who ups the tempo and the energy for a banging, late-night remix full of power.

    Defcon regulars N&R Project demonstrate their progressive side on their Serpentine remix, giving it a laid-back summer groove.

    Rounding off the EP, Lamajie offers another progressive touch, this time to Boomerang, giving it a subtle yet still ultimately uplifting feel.

    Soundcloud preview:

    Embrace (Ikerya Project Rmx)
    Serpentine (N&R Project Rmx)
    Boomerang (Lamajie Rmx)


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    again brilliant release! Defcon <3

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