Artist: Kabbage1977
Title of the Compilation: Trancetastic Mix 143.
Date of Recording: [25/06/12]
Time: 55:59
Bit Rate/File Format: 320 kbps Mp3
File Size: 128.2 MB
Equipment Used: Pioneer CDJ 1000 Mk2/ DJM 600.
Genre: Uplifting/ Psy /Tech Trance.

Hello and good evening, here we go, 2 hour Energised Uplifting Power Trance DJ mix, Trancetastic Mix 143.

Kabbage1977 by kabmusic1, on Flickr

1: Matt Bukovski - In Dreams (Original Mix) - [Digital Society/ Enhanced Recordings]
2: Dimension feat Jenry R - By Your Side (Matt Bukovski Remix) - [Perceptive Recordings]
3: Roman Sokolovsky & Loona - To Your Site (Ronny K. Remix) - [Vendace Records]
4: Myk Bee - Impulses (UCast Remix) - [Liftedsounds Records]
5: Poshout Feat. Ange - Beside (Daniel Kandi's Upper Class Mix) - [Timeline Music]
6: Dark Matters feat. Neev Kennedy - Loneliness Won't Leave Me Alone (Sebastian Brandt Remix) - [Armada Music]
7: Peet B - The Only Thing That Matters (Damian Wasse Remix) - [Trance All-Stars]
8: Double V - Perfect D (Ahmed Romel Remix) - [Silent Shore Recordings]
9: Paul Todd & Scott Lowe - Life As We Know It (Original Mix) - [Factual Records]
10: Craig Bradley Feat Lucy Clarke - One Life (Aura Qualic Vocal Mix) - [Ispirato Music]

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