Finally! One of the most awaited Podcast episodes of the year!! I have been a little busy and I apologize for the delay. To complement the hot weather of Chicago, I am very glad to share this amazing compilation of sweet vocals, techie sounds, crazy and energetic progressive/epic/uplifting Trance songs!! Thank you for voting/sharing/listening to my podcasts!!


1) David Broaders - Somewhere Special [Original Mix]
2) Aimoon feat Eva Kade - I'm Out For You [Dennis Federson Remix]
3) Joop feat Tiffany Jonhston - Just One Night [Original Mix]
4) 4-Strings - Rise Again [Original Mix]
5) ToW: George Acosta feat. Lizzie Curious - Like Home [Khomha Sunrise Mix]
6) Sean Tyas & Giuseppe Ottaviani - Arcobalena [Classic Mix]
7)Meridian - Pressure [Original Mix]
8) Andrew Rayel - Aeon of Revenge [Original Mix]
9) Jordan Suckley - Spooked [Original Mix]
10) Surprise of the Week: Peter Plaznik - Outlaw [Original Mix]


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Have an Amazing and Safe Weekend!!

-Dani Vicio