1. Wolfenstein (Original Mix)

2. Wolfenstein (Tech Rework)

3. Luminous Stream (Original Mix)

4. Luminous Stream (Tellur Remix)

5. Luminous Stream (Sound Quelle Remix)

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Aqua & Arctic blast their way onto Fraction in huge style with the incredible 'Wolfenstein' and 'Luminous Stream' package!

Wolfenstein opens the release superbly with blistering kick drums and throbbing basslines underpinning the tech infused percussive rhythms and glossy top lines, while the gritty edged breakdown and head bending synth sequences will surely tear any floor apart!

Not content with the rapturous original, the guys also provide a Tech Rework for the more driving floors featuring rolling basslines and further melodics!

Next up, Luminous Stream continues the big room theme with more energetic synth work and precision percussion sections to really set floors on fire! Melodies are at the forefront of the breakdown once again with atmospherics set to overdrive for the stabbed drop in - essential!

On remix duties, Tellur is firmly on hand to tear the track up and put his unique stamp onto the proceedings. Driving grooves, growling bass lines and highly charged lead lines are the order of the day here - and the result is fantastic! Finally, Sound Quelle delivers another stunning remix for the deeper floors with his fantastic blend of glistening arps and floor warping bass work to make sure this release is sealed in style!

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