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Arrival Recordings is back with the fifth installment of its celebrated "Sampler" series. The tracklist to this 8-track compilation includes well-known faces from the Arrival roster, as well as a batch of new international artists.

American artist Meeke, who recently appeared on Mango Alley with his "Something Else" EP, introduces this sampler with "Non Toxic", in which a fairly techy beat combines with lush, sidechained pads. The break spices up the atmosphere with a number of varying synths and effects.

Returning once again to the label is Polish artist Mizar B, with "Alcor". Rhythmic percussion elements introduce the track, and soon a mesmerizing synth lead appears, which goes very well with the background groove. Gorgeous new melodies appear in the break, a number of which are added to the theme part.

Rishabh Joshi from India provides the third track, "Eternity" -- his first contribution to Arrival. A smooth soundscape is quickly established, including notable elements such as intriguing vocal stabs and a supporting piano line. A powerful main lead appears after the break, filling the track with energy.

Ukrainian Marsbeing offers "Another Way". The deep bassline quickly sets the mood, as well as the number of enjoyable melodies that emerge shortly after. In the break, an arpeggio lead is introduced, which becomes an important motif in the subsequent theme.

The UK producer Marsh is another new addition to Arrival. "You'll Be Fine" includes a groovy support lead and an array of effects and additional synths and pads that make the entire atmosphere quite fascinating. The break sees even more additions, contributing well to the overall sound scheme.

"Just Another Day" is the sixth track and comes from Austrian artist Blend. A strong groove is established while a rhythmic, arpeggio-like melody builds up. A lovely melody emerges in the break which surely suits the grooviness of the entire track.

The first contribution to Arrival from Serbian D&Z is "Lovely". A quite strong beat introduces the track, and a number of hard-hitting synth stabs and supporting background melodies emerge soon thereafter. An interesting lead comes into play in the break, and afterwards the song continues with new melodies added to the mix.

Lastly, Ninesh Babu from the Emirates gives us the track "Electrify". A large number of disparate synths and effects make the soundscape exciting, and throughout the song new variations of these appear. The varying mid-range effects only increase in number as the tune progresses, but they definitely combine in a unique and fascinating way.

Cat#: ARRSMP005
Beatport release date: June 28th, 2012
iTunes release date: July 12th, 2012
Genre: progressive house
Format: digital
Stores: Beatport, iTunes, JunoDownload

01 Meeke - Non Toxic (Original Mix)
02 Mizar B - Alcor (Original Mix)
03 Rishabh Joshi - Eternity (Original Mix)
04 Marsbeing - Another Way (Original Mix)
05 Marsh - You'll Be Fine (Original Mix)
06 Blend - Just Another Day (Original Mix)
07 D&Z - Lovely (Original Mix)
08 Ninesh Babu - Electrify (Original Mix)

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