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Thread: Need a melodic trance mix with vocal echoes

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    Need a melodic trance mix with vocal echoes

    Hey guys! I am looking for a melodic trance mix to throw on my mobile device

    Looking for somethings that are:

    1 - upbeat and epic
    2 - has lots and lots of tracks with vocal echoes


    doesn't necessarily have long instrumental breakdowns

    now I love orgasmic long breakdowns, but they can be a bit too long for company, especially if you are partying it up

    got any mixes in mind? I want to download them

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    I've used a few tracks with vocal melodic sampling. Not so much spoken vocals, but sampled voice sounds.

    You might like, or you might not - but it's there for you to try if you like. Just hit the download button.
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    You want Vocals & Trance ey? Have I got the mix that's going to blow your mind away =) Download, share, and enjoy !

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