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We here at Fuzzy Recordings are very proud to present you with Kazusa's new and brilliant EP "Low Beam" The artist from Japan is no newcomer in the Progressive House genre and has a track record of producing melodic uplifting gems. In his new single, he does just that. With the combination of clever chord arrangements, subtle soothing pads, and a haunting main lead melody he has somehow managed to capture the small moments in life which makes it truly beautiful. Also from Japan and included in the EP is a stunning remix from the one and only Shingo Nakamura. Back to his iconic sound and roots, his re-interpretation of "Low Beam" is a progressive melodic dream come true. The breakdown and build-up is simply an experience that draws your imagination and emotions in deeper and deeper then gracefully brings you back to reality. Last but certainly not least is the veteran producer Alucard. He artistically transforms the original into a new wave vibe with a bouncy bassline, some heavy synth stabs, deep kicks, and a punchy snare. During the breakdown while primarily focusing on the main lead synth melody, he takes you through a stunning unique and mesmerizng journey.

1 Kazusa - Low Beam (Original Mix)
2 Kazusa - Low Beam (Shingo Nakamura Remix)
3 Kazusa - Low Beam (Alucard Remix)

Release Date:
Beatport July 20th, 2012
iTunes/Juno Records August 3rd, 2012

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