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    Alex van ReeVe for

    A representative of the younger generation of DJ's. Passionate about electronic dance music since 1998.
    He admits that one of the loves of his life is Trance music, and in particular the Uplifting side of it.
    Currently resident DJ at Afterhours.FM Radio. His interest in music is Trance, Progressive, Tech-Trance and Tribal.

    Rodzio: Hi Alex.

    Alex van ReeVe: Hello Rodzio.

    Rodzio: First my question - electronic music enthusiast since 1998. Why ?

    Alex van ReeVe: The year 1998 is a wonderful chapter in the history of electronic dance music. Then, just as a 13-year old boy, I got in touch with this genre for the very first time. I still remember a compilation Love Parade - One World One Future (The 1998 Compilation), on which I heard about artists such as Kai Tracid (who still remains my hero), Energy 52, Hardy Hard, eternally live (?) Klubbheads and Sven Všth. At that time it was a completely new reality for me and at the same time something that really suited my musical taste. Then I felt that electronic dance music has a potential. I got into electronic dance music and it lasts till the present day.

    Rodzio: Your first steps as a DJ ?

    Alex van ReeVe: As an amateur, since the moment I put my hands on a program called MJ Studio, I think, it was in 2003. I used to work on MJ Studio for like 2-3 years Then I started using Traktor 2 and after that Virtual DJ. With hardware I had a first contact in 2004 or 2005.

    Rodzio: What is Alex van ReeVe's style ?

    Alex van ReeVe: Alex van ReeVe's style that is a good question. As I said my adventure with the electronic dance music started in 1998. In the beginning it was really Hard Techno, Hardstyle and Gabber. After some time I discovered tracks from the Polish group Aural Planet, which produced Psychedelic Trance and creations of Kai Franz aka Kai Tracid. In my opinion, a fusion between Trance music and Acid in his perfomance was something really incredible in those days. There is nothing to hide that I used to be interested in House music and in timeless tracks in the Klubbheads' style, which was popular in Poland for some time. Over the 6 years my musical consciousness evolved and in 2004 I realized that Trance music is a genre, which I fully identify with and which I can find myself in.

    The listeners of my radio show 'Xanthe Sessions' at Afterhours.FM radio know me especially from energetic uplifting Trance being played at 138-148 BPM and it is not a secret that it is my favorite style. But as I always emphasize I am openminded for subgenres of Trance such as Progressive, Tech-Trance or Tribal. If I had to describe my style, then I would say that is an explosive mixture of Progressive melodies, Tech sound and Uplifting energy.

    Rodzio: Where did you get your inspiration to become a DJ at all ?

    Alex van ReeVe: Inspiration ? I was surely inspired by DJ Kris and by Tiddey. Both of them presented in their sets what I value the most nowadays, which is beautiful melodies and energy. Where did I get the inspiration to become a DJ ? Nothing to hide here, I wanted to play just like DJ Kris or Tiddey, to feel what they feel behind the DJ booth, to see what they see during a gig with my own eyes.

    Rodzio: Without a doubt, the biggest breakthrough in your beginning DJ career was an invitation to play a guest mix for the radio event Polonia in the Mix 008 at Afterhours.FM radio. Your set, in the opinion of the listeners, was chosen as the best, beating such stars as, in particular: Nitrous Oxide, Adam Nickey, Indecent Noise and Mike Wind. How did it feel ?

    Alex van ReeVe: I can see that you can find anything in the Internet. Nothing is going to hide from you. In fact, an invitation to play a guest mix was a big honor to me. While doing this set I never believed it would match the listeners' musical taste so much. It was a big surprise to me, but the word 'shock!' describes the very situation much better ! After this set, the owner of Afterhours.FM offered me a possibility of having my own radio show. I could not refuse.

    Rodzio: What can we expect from you in the nearest future ? Where can we find you ? What are you going to present us ?

    Alex van ReeVe: Soon there is the Two Years Anniversary of my radio show 'Xanthe Sessions' coming up. Especially because of that occasion I will showcase my two hour mix, which will be a mixture of Progressive, Tech-Trance and Uplifting. Today I invite you to listen to my set and I think it will be worth it. Answering the second question: where can you find me. As you know, since some time I turn up at the parties hosted in Poznań. For example We Love Trance, Endless Night and Global Revolution. The next gig is going to be held on the 13th of July, as a part of DJ Kosti's birthday party at the Tunnel Club in Poznań, for which I sincerely invite you now. What I am going to present ? A good dose of nice Trance.

    Rodzio: What are you doing in your private life: apart from the music ?

    Alex van ReeVe: Rodzio, you know me pretty good, so you should know that it would be easier to name all the things I do not do. But once you asked, then, apart from the music, for example, I have classes from the subjects such as Administrative Law and Economic Activity at one of the Poznań Universities.
    I also collaborate with a few producers, such as Alpha Duo from Great Britain and with the legendary duo Danjo & Styles from the Netherlands. In general, I do not complain about a lack of activities.

    Rodzio: Soon the holidays do start, what are your plans ?

    Alex van ReeVe: I take a rest from the University, students (both male and female). But seriously, I am going to take a rest, relax and play at the clubs.

    Rodzio: A few words to Afterhours.FM ?

    Alex van ReeVe: I would like to say a big thanks to the listeners of AFTERHOURS.FM for your support, engagement and friendship. You are the best crowd in the world.

    Many thanks and appreciation to you, Rodzio, as well to danmark_ori and Dan. (insiders know who they are ).

    Rodzio: Thanks for the interview and see you in the club, Alex !

    Alex van ReeVe: Thank you very much and see you in the club.

    All rights reserved. Reproduction and dissemination of the article without permission is prohibited!
    Right protected by the Act of 4 February 1994 on copyright and related rights: OJ of 1994 No. 24, pos. 83rd.

    interview by: Rodzio

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