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Thread: Sixteenofive - Platform Vol. 7 [1605]

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    Sixteenofive - Platform Vol. 7 [1605]

    1605: Sixteenofive - Platform Vol. 7 [1605-108]

    Once again we have unearthed some precious gems of the groove variety for our newest volume of the Platform series.
    Starting off with some serious groove business, Hellomonkey's hypnotic vibe is closely followed by Unique & Adoo's "Duplex"
    and the Tech House mood continues as Oscar L & Joseph DL come up with their quirky offering.
    Things toughen up with "We Love Bangers", bringing the stabs and galloping bass to the table, before Paul Strive houses things
    up once again with the subliminal "Thesis".

    Artist: Various Artists
    Label: 1605 Music Therapy
    Cat. No.: 1605108
    Release Date: 25.07.2012

    Listen on:

    01. Unique & Adoo - Duplex (Original Mix)

    02. Oscar L & Joseph DL - Reverse Life (Original Mix)

    03. Schuhmacher vs Balthazar & JackRock - We Love Bangers (Original Mix)

    04. Paul Strive - Thesis (Original Mix)

    Buy exclusive on:
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