1. Headstrong Love Untill It Hurts (Aurosonic Progressive Mix)[SOLA]
  2. John B. feat. Shaz Sparks Heroes(Ost & Meyer Remix)[BETA]
  3. Radion6 Lost In Space(Original Mix)[RESET]
  4. Kyau & Albert Another Time(Original Mix)[EUPHONIC]
  5. Bartlett Bros, Matt Loki & Tiff Lacey - Sweet Child(Fabio XB Rework)[BLACKHOLE]
  6. Tritonal & Kaeno Azuca(Club Mix)[AIR UP THERE]
  7. Phynn Torque(Original Mix)[COLDHARBOUR]
  8. Phynn feat. Jets Overhead In Your Heart(Original Mix)[S107]
  9. Markus Schulz Future Cities(Original Mix)[COLDHARBOUR]
  10. Chris Turner vs Running Man The Persian Twist(Running Man Mix)[UNEARTHED RED]
  11. Electric Traveller pres. Elementia Project Amsterdam Night Express(Denis Sender Remix)[SILENT SHORE]
  12. Solarstone & Clare Stagg The Spell(Solarstone Pure Mix)[BLACKHOLE]
  13. Hemstock & Holliday feat. Capri Rollercoaster(Original Mix)[NICKY ZIMMER]
  14. Ralphie B Delphi(Original Mix)[CAPTIVATING SOUNDS]
  15. Sean Tyas feat. Lo-Fi Sugar The World(Original Mix)[FSOE]
  16. Freefall Skydive(JOC Rework)[CD-R]
  17. First State vs Simon Patterson Bulldozer in Sierra Nevada(Katsarov Mashup)[CD-R]
  18. Sebastian Brandt vs Protoculture Sun Goes Mana(T & T Mashup)[CD-R]
  19. DNS Project pres. Whiteglow Airbourne(Aly & Fila Remix)[ESSENTIAL DANCE]
  20. Will Atkinson Empty Words(Original Mix)[DISCOVER DIGITAL]