1. Andromeda

2. Kuiper Belt

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Maxim Yurin makes another appearance on Fraction records with his latest 2 track slammer, 'Andromeda / Kuiper Belt'!

Andromeda catapults the release instantly into peak hour territory with it's fantastic fusion of killer rasping bass lines, throbbing kick drums and free flowing percussive rhythms from the outset. Tension is kept sky high throughout the intro with a sizzling sequence of white-hot synth plucks guiding the track energetically towards the breakdown. On the break, atmospherics are kept to maximum with the introduction of the chord rises and unravelling melodies before building to absolute bursting point for the jaw dropping drop in! This is big!

Kuiper Belt keeps the pressure set to full with more extra large sub-bass action and energy fueled 8-bit inspired synth sections. Key to the track once again is the glowing melodies on the break as Kuiper Belt continues to impress with another display of hair raising lead lines and delightful atmospheric backdrops - maximum crowd control!

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