Alright so kind of a big post here

First off, I've got a new beat:

Really gritty/lo-fi type sound -- it's a pretty simple beat but I made it with the cypher in mind so I wanted to keep it pretty straightforward but honestly I really like the emotional grime of the sample

Anyway, speaking of the cypher, here's the video for my first cypher contest:

(god damn is it awkward to just be alone in a room talking to a camera and I hate how I come across on video)

Prize is only $25 just because I wanna get a vibe for how many people this is gonna pull in -- the video has only been up for 2 days and I already got 4 entries so that's dope but I'm hoping to pull in around 20 (deadline is August 21st) [btw I'm going to try to do one of these on the 1st of every month and the deadline will always be the 21st of the respective month so jump in or get a buddy to do something -- the more people the more I can up the prize money)

Lastly, I made a new layout for my website so if you could, please just go to it and run through it real quick and just let me know if any of the elements seem off or misplaced
--Mainly concerned that the YouTube video will get pushed around on different resolutions (I use 1920x1080) and the PayPal button / music player so let me know if anything gets pushed out of the grey box that it should be sitting in

Thanks guys!! this is a massive post so drop a link to one of your threads and I'll definitely hit you back with some feed if you can give me your thoughts on any of the shit I have here