1. Jean-Luc Wu Mystic Mountain(Adam Fielding Celluloid Remix)
  2. Tom Cloud & David Forbes feat. Antonia Lucas Crazy 4 U(Original Mix)
  3. Sunny Lax Contrast(Sunny Lax`s Insane Mix)
  4. Loverush UK vs Maria Nayler One and One(Pedro del Mar vs DoubleV Remix)
  5. Ralph Novell Lagoon(Original Mix)
  6. Cape Town Challenger(Original Mix)
  7. Store N Forward Oregano(Original Mix)
  8. Islander Cynosure(Original Mix)
  9. Koko B feat. Ally Irwin In Search For(Oleg Espo Remix)
  10. Solarstone , Aly & Fila Fireisland(Original Mix)
  11. Sergey shabanov Bliss(Chris Turner Remix)
  12. Jurgen Vries The Theme(Original Mix)[CLASSIC OF THE WEEK]
  13. Danyella & Tiff Lacey She(Original Mix)
  14. Midway Monkey Forest(Original Mix)
  15. Paul Webster vs John O`Callaghan & Audrey Gallagher Big Time(Phil Metcalfe Mashup)
  16. Simon Patterson vs John O`Callaghan Raw Deal Backstab(T & T Mashup)
  17. Porter & Weston The Tesla Effect(Original Mix)
  18. Activa Perception(Original Mix)