Vicio's World Episode 71

Welcome newcomers and fans to my 71st episode of Vicio's World! For this week, I have prepared amazing tunes with sweet vocals, melodies and banging beats such as these:

1) Amurai - Valencia [Intro Mix]
2) Lost Emotions - Sunrise at Delimara [Original Mix]
3) Ashley Wallbridge feat Audrey Gallengher - Bang the Drum [Omina Remix]
4) Store & Forward - Oregano [Original Mix]
5) Blue Comet - Engage [Original Mix]
6) Johan Ekman - So on, so forth [Jamie Walker Remix]
7) Gareth Weston - On the Other Hand [Original Mix]
8) White Motion - Solis [BB Sound Remix]
9) Mark Burton - Dark Before Dawn [Original Mix]
10) Sean Tyas - Lift [Jimmy Chou Remix]

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Have an Amazing and Safe Weekend!!

-Dani Vicio