Deep House
Main Release Date: Aug 14, 2012
Cat: SHM023 - Shelving Music

Mr.Fresh second release in Shelving Music. Keeping the classical Fresh style but this time including Masca remix, both great artists from our friend label Neorecords.

1. Mr.Fresh - Looks up (Original Mix)
2. Mr.Fresh - Looks up (Masca Remix)
3. Mr.Fresh - White and yellow (Original Mix)

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Masca at Soundcloud
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Feedbacks:

Franco Bianco (Hypercolour, Multivitamins, Dilek)
Great release! Thanks for the music!
Andy Ward (Pressure Radio DJ)
taking too long to load.. just gonna d/l
Alvaro Smart (Soulman/WittyTunes)
Solid Release, i'll support looks up original mix, delicious!!
Looks up Original Mix is dope!
Asona (DeepWit, Alma Soul Music)
With Evren and Jon on this one, Masca brought it home! Great work
LUCIANO (Cadenza)
Dj LaOra
thank u!
Jon Billick (Kula Records, Cosmic Disco, Lens Media)
Masca Remix for me, cheers!
Kurtz (DeepClass, Neorecords, 5 and Dime)
Very nice release. Looks up original for me, tnx for the beautiful music
Van Czar aka Cysxe
I like Looks Up (Original Mix)
Wez Saunders (Endemic Digital Inc / Stripped Muzik Club)
Superb al round, thanks!! Support.
Adam Brass
nice and fresh... love that jazzy feelin'
Chris Udoh (Tigerhook)
Looks Up Original Mix is the one for me !
JCornet (DiOne Music)
All tracks for me, Thank You!!
GRACH (Techno)
Very Nice EP its good Sound! DL
Damien Osborne (Chinese Laundry Sydney)
Awesome ! love this mr fresh vibe
Conrad Gregor
Loving this, will definitely support. Quality again. Great job guys. Good luck with the release! Original is the one for me.
Kaixta (D.I. FM-Deeperfect-Those Beats!WarmFM)
Finest Deep House, Looks up O.M or me, best!
Gabriel Slick [Crossworld, SLiCK]
Will try, thank you!
Evren Ulusoy (i! Records/ Plastic City / Loco / Moodmusic)
masca is the 1.thanks!
Kenny Brian (Resopal Schallware/ Lapsus Music/Titbit Music)
Looks Up Sounds Great :: thanks!
Di Costa (West Radio/Tunnel FM/Deepvibes Radio)
Really nicely done, this package. Both originals are pure deep delight. Masca's remix on 'Looks Up' is great too. I could use them all for sure. Thank you for this! Cheers!
ev3rsun (Shelving music)
Really nice relaxed tunes.I really like the progression and structure in white and yellow. Looks up the original and the remix are very classy. Great work!
Niki Belucci (Radio FG)
nice ep
Summer (Tulipa/Mo'sFerry/Monique)
Nice tunes thank you
Mathew Scott
Nice and Deep Mr Fresh. Nice work. Full Support
Jeremy Juno
Support on the Masca Remix, many thanks!
John P. (
nice tracks! will play on! thanks
"Looks up" is smooth!!! full support
Joseph Zakarian
Sorry not a big fan of sirens.
Gregory G D'Elia (KBCS 91.3FM)
Mr. Fresh right on the deep beat! Like vocal add in Masca Remix. Trickin' break sound with White & Yellow! thanks
Drake Dehlen
nice work looks up my favorite
Amir Groove (Ibiza sonica)
Wanghart (Udancecn & Webdjradio )
Some super deep vibes in this EP, hard to pick a favourite will be spinning them all, thanks!!!
Nice Stuff Mr. Fresh! 'Looks up' (Original) is the one for me!
Jayce (Colours Audio)
Classy release. Thanks.
DJ Magnus (WSLR 96.5 LPFM)
Cheers for the quality tunes... :-) Support...
One good release after the other. Thumbs up for Shelving! Masca mix is out of the basement indeed!
Masca remix for!!!
Jens L.
nice tunes, looks up is my favorite
Marcelo Méndez (Tunnel FM)
Quality package! I'm enjoying "Looks Up" (Original Mix), Full support... Thanks!!
Darko Jugovic
great EP !!! nice work !!!
Vlada D'Shake [BCSA / Stellar Fountain Records / Shelving M
support from me mr.fresh is great artist! dl,tnx
Dj Celta
An excellent EP. I like all the tracks.Very good job.
shaun harriott
quality releases quality feedback .. quality
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