Submitted this for TAGG's producer contest:

It's real chopped up and manipulated but it's still fairly smooth -- has a ambient, chilled-out vibe but with energetic drums (It's on that Clams Casino vibe if you know who that dude is)

There's a nice fat bass in there but it's pretty low in the frequencies so if you gots a sub, turn that shit on and bang the **** out; otherwise, I layered the bass upon itself and raised it an octave so it's still there for the non-sub system users but it might not have as much presence as you'd like -- but jam this in your car or on a big system and this should bang real nice

Here be the sample:

(sampled mostly from the first like 20 seconds then took bits and pieces from other spots all over)
I try to stay away from samples with a lot of views + anime soundtracks are getting real popular with producers lately and I just love diggin into obscurity and coming out with gems but I played around with this one and couldn't resists the chops I was coming up with -- hopefully you will agree that I made the right decision in banging with this one