Hey everyone, Trancectomy is here! Episode #1 of the Trancectomy Podcast is now available for download.

This week we have 8 tracks worthy of some attention. Featuring Kudesnik & Prise, DJ Sentinel, Andy Blueman, and Harris B. Enjoy!

iTunes Subscription is pending, and I will notify everybody soon. Until then you can use iTunes and go to Advanced -> Subscribe To Podcast and enter the subscription link below. Enjoy!

Trancectomy Podcast #1

Direct Link: http://www.djsentinel.irc.su/trancec.../podcast_2.mp3
Subscribe Link: http://www.djsentinel.irc.su/trancec...rancectomy.xml

You can also visit http://www.djsentinel.irc.su/trancec...ancectomy.html for news and additional information.

DJ Sentinel