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Thread: 2006|09|17: Eco presents Strobe Life Sessions 055 w/ guest Emanuele Inglese

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    2006|09|17: Eco presents Strobe Life Sessions 059 w/ guest Emanuele Inglese

    Check out the new god of Italy... he sells out every club he plays at... 5000 people scream his name twice a week whenever he gets on the decks... Emanuele Inglese... only on.... at 9PM(ET)/2AM(GMT)


    Strengthened by a refined technique during the years, Emanuele Inglese treads the boards with a researcher spirit always alert to identify new artistic ways and of international breath.

    He started his dj career in 1992 in Rome, his birth city, under the aegis of "Pygmalion" Vladimir Luxuria, who introduced him to "Muccassassina Party", where he remained resident till 2002. Together they lounched the one night "Scandalo" too - the first one had more than 4.000 attendances at Palacisalfa in Rome - and he gave life to the consolle of World Gay Pride 2000, always in the capital.

    He's actually dj resident at Energy in Ciampino for the "Diabolika House Party", onair every Saturday night from midnight to 5am on Radio M2O. New York Bar and Gasoline in Milan, Super Paradise in Mikonos and other clubs in Central Europe register perodically his presence as a special guest.

    For the label Paprika Records he recently produced the mix "Keep Lost" and the "House People Vol.1" compilation. His own "Saxtronic love" too, licenzed by Molto Rec. label. He's also protagonist of Radio M2O program "In da House", every Tuesday from 1am to 4am.

    On his dj sets, tracks of famous dj producers alternate to unpublished realises of his own production. The selection, tightly connected to house music, winks to underground and garage tones.

    In spite of a full of engagements agenda, Emanuele Inglese keeps time gelously to devote to his friends and private life. Every professional choice happens considering the emotions to share with his dears. His sound expresses a continue movement, trended to transmit to the public the sensation they are taking part of an unrepeatable event.

    TO LISTEN, GO TO and choose your connection...


    This is the sound of New York. This is the sound of Strobe Life.

    About Strobe Life Sessions

    Deep in the New York underground lie the origins of Strobe Life Sessions. SLS started as a tiny 10-person capacity Shoutcast broadcast ive from Brooklyn, New York, and soon (within several weeks) moved to a much larger network, Surr3al Radio. The show started in 2004, at a crossroads in New York when trance was starting to die out, and yet SLS disproved that trance was dead in New York. Listeners flooded in, leaving comments on the show and asking for more. Early in 2005, we gave them more, and moved to Party 107, a much larger internet radio network. Months later, Eco decided to move his show to emerging internet radio network SenseGenerateFM, which gave him much more room for a longer show and a lot more promotion. He started bringing in large name guests every week (his first guest to kick off the second season of the show was Mike Koglin) such as Judge Jules, Yahel, Mauro Picotto, Chris Liebing, Jon O'Bir, Jonas Steur, Martin Roth (twice), Scot Project (twice), Electric Universe, and the list goes on.

    With all these guests, eventually, Strobe Life Sessions moved to ETN3, the emerging artists station on ETN, which is one of the world's most famous and popular internet radio networks. This led to his new shoe "Into The Wire" on AfterhoursFM, and now, the moving of Strobe Life Sessions over to AfterhoursFM. In the near future, SLS plans on bringing to you live monthly broadcasts from Strobe Life Sessions events from some of the hottest clubs in New York City, broadcasting the sounds of the whole night, everything from the crowd to the opening DJs, the headliners, and the insanity of the closing hours. Prepare your ears for a huge diversity of music, because that is what Strobe Life Sessions is all about.

    Click here to visit the STROBE LIFE NYC Myspace profile!
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    nice show so far
    Most listened to Trance Radio - AH.FM
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    haha whoops, this was actually STROBE LIFE SESSIONS 59.... i had the same guest on as episode 55 tho, so i used the same post and posted the wrong number by mistake, whoops! :-P

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