*Supported by Giuseppe Ottaviani, Max Graham, Manuel Le Saux, M.I.K.E, Tempo Giusto, Ashley Wallbridge, Steve Anderson, DJ Fisco, Marc Simz, Paul Pearson, Ima'gin, T.O.M, Suzy Solar etc.*
*Max Graham: Lovely track*
*T.O.M: Yess please, massive track!*

Mike Septima and Sander Playmo previously released some interesting progressive tunes with a driving tech twist under the name Aesthetic Minds. They cleared the table with fresh aliases and now present their new collaboration debut 'Dive Into The Light'. The new project has a groovy rhythm in the bass and percussions while on the melodic side rich and energetic harmonies carry the upbeat lead theme. More to come from this cool new duo!


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Track list:
1. Dive Into Light (Original Mix)
Catalogue: ERW033
Release date: 14-09-2012