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Thread: 2006|11|08 DARK GROOVES presents: DJ TAUCHER

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    Cool 2006|11|08 DARK GROOVES presents: DJ TAUCHER


    Exlusiv 2h Mix from DJTAUCHER

    Tune in <3


    EST ( US & Canada) GMT (UK) CET

    18:00 20:00 23:00 01:00 00:00 02:00


    first hour
    1. Garmarna - Hildegard von Bingen - 07 - Virga Ac Diadema ,whitney_houston-i'm_every_woman (Accapella - Acapella
    2.Deep Horizons_Susunatchi_Deep Horizons Recordings
    3.LoJo - Blue Devil (uGeNiCs dub -omnis.records.mp3
    4.Flash Brothers_Past Will Be Future (D_Nox & Beckers Mix)_Flow Vinyl Records
    5.DJ Janbaz_Eurasia_Zey Productions.mp3
    6.Nicholas Van Orton_Tremble_Pure Substance Digital.mp3
    7,Alexander Polyakov_Ascension (Tunerman Mix)_iRecords.mp3
    8.Christian West_Eterna (Noel Sanger Breaks Mix)_Fluid Sessions
    9.Matt Black_Epiphany (Baunder Mix)_Segment Records
    10.Mihail Pravda_Spanking Friday_iRecords

    second hour
    1.Moshic_Moroco Discoteca_Contrast Records
    2.Mike Foyle Pres. Andromeda_Northern Lights 2006 (Alucard vs. Vitaliy Mix)_Statement! Recordings
    3.Nick Hogendoorn & Eelke Kleijn_Naked is Not OK_Outside the Box Music
    4.Opencloud_The Golden Hour (Still Mix_Proton Music
    5.Lushi_Pants_Bellarine Recordings
    6.Macca_Backtrack (Hatiras & Adam K Instrumental Mix)_Blow Media
    7.Balcazar_Boots & Skirts (MaherKd Mix)_Ascension Records
    8.Bogdan_Bogdan Rhadoo_Worldwide Exclusive

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    Playlist will be post after the Show.

    Greetings from the Darkside of the Groove

    hyline :santa:

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    Have to miss this one Hyline

    Hope to hear it sometime though!

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    Hello gp1,

    I hope this too.

    Ill write you a PM.

    Greetings from the Darkside of the Groove

    hyline :santa:

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    this is fantastic ... great job hyline ;)

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    and sorry , big shout to DJ TAUCHER ....

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    I have just tuned in and it's very nice

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    @ BEE BEE & miric:

    Thanx a lot, thanx for listening.

    And BEE BEE your signature is great!

    Greatings from the Darkside of the Groove


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