1. Interceptor

2. Bomberman

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Tigran Oganezov has dropped countless main-room smashers on Fraction Records over recent years, with his latest outing entitled 'Interceptor / Bomberman' providing another double slice of genre bending madness once again!

Interceptor packs a punch from the outset, with Tigran's unmistakable big room energy infused percussive grooves and floor rattling bass rhythms driving the track perfectly for the gritty synth stabs and contrasting delicate-yet-intense pianos to really shine. Bristling atmospheres make way for the full chord lines to develop in the break giving the energy maximum floor damage when wound back up and dropped at those peak moments - BIG!

Bomberman keeps drive levels firmly set to full with another floor smoking tech driven work-out. Super-sized atmospherics, fizzy leads and gritty bass lines ensure full crowd control once again with Tigran showing his production flair at it's very finest.

Another big room masterclass from Fraction favorite Tigran Oganezov!

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