1605 Events Conquering Europe

Counting down days to this year's first four 1605 tour nights in Europe.
We at 1605 are proud to see our label grow from a small pet project to an internationally acclaimed techno and tech house imprint.
A series of our own nights is a big jump forward or if I tweak Neil Armstrong's famous words a bit that's one small step for music, giant leap for our label
Without doubt this are going to be damn good events with the label's best talent on the lineup.

1605 in Athens
- Club Evolution / 06.10.12
- UMEK, Uto Karem, Christian Cambas, Rena Bak

1605 in London
- The Egg / 12.10.12
- UMEK, Stefano Noferini, Ant Brooks, Sinisa Tamamovic

1605 in Amsterdam / ADE
- Panama / 18.10.12
- UMEK, Ramon Tapia, Olivier Giacomotto, Mike Vale, Filthy Rich

1605 in Kiev
- Forsage / 27.10.12
- Olivier Giacomotto, Sinisa Tamamovic, Spartaque