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Thread: what are your thoughts on..

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    what are your thoughts on..

    wanted to know what yall think about "Drum n Bass" music...

    I listen to it, I used to listen to it alot, but now im getting back into Trance|house.
    Let me know what you guys think about it.
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    well, I'm not that much into this D&B thingie, tried to listen to a single once but I didn't liked it at all...I also dislike breaks...

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    There was a good track a few years ago Kosheen - hide u i think i really liked that, never hear d&b sets
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    not really into drum n bass .. more into housy stuff lately
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    Never been a big fan of D n' B, and honestly, I know this will come off as ignorant, but alot of it all sounded the same to me

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    I also liked that Kosheen tune, but after that, i'm not very keen on that style of music.
    Just not for me, that's all

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    I like d&b for a bit. But when i have to listen to it for longer than 15 min it makes me go crazy ( in a negative way )

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    Listened to a few sets( I use the term loosely) and was bored to

    death or deletion in a very short time - but thought I ought to give

    it a go in case there was something good in it - no - not for me all

    d&b tracks(yes better word never a set) deleted now.

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    D n B....Dire n Boring hehe

    um....I don't like it in other words...not my kinda style...gimme house/progressive/trance any day ;)
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    Quote Originally Posted by magik View Post
    D n B....Dire n Boring hehe

    um....I don't like it in other words...not my kinda style...gimme house/progressive/trance any day ;)
    Dire n Boring hahaha true. Not my style either... It doesnt sound as sexy as progressive house and trance

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    Drum and Bass gets boring really quickly. I never really like it, but house would be awesome!

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    I listened to a tiny bit of drum and bass when I was at Uni back in 1995 lol some track called brown paper bag or something hehe

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