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Thread: 08-11-2006 AH is 6 Months old.

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    Awesome job DAN! YOU provide the best! Thanks for all the hard work

    Every time I come hear to listen, I feel like I am getting music I don't get anywhere else. Pretty special....the DJ's here are unbeatable!

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    Afterhours ROCKS!!!!

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    w0000t! happy birthday!!! all we need is live broadcasting from clubs and wre set!

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    AH.FM Addict Angel_Ace's Avatar
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    Jul 2006
    Hi!! Congratz AH....this is a really really good station! and many thanks Dan for support Innertrance!

    Hope it will be 6 months more...or years :=).

    Hasta Siempre!
    Angel Ace

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    AH Listener
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    Aug 2006
    Cologne, Germany, Germany
    Keep your station growing m8! It's constantly a pleasure to be aired on your station.

    Wish you even more Djs and listeners for the future.



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    in fact ... i thought that this will happened in 6 months online time ...and it will grow up much more i think all we need is making worlds best radio station more popular in the trance scene
    big up for the work behind the doors dan and friends

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    AH FAN Bjorn_Akesson's Avatar
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    Sep 2006
    Lund, Sweden
    congrats Dan! keep it going!!! :D

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    Thanks to Dan for all he has done for us and for all the community creting a fresh radio where the Music is the real "owner" of the radio.... your passion is fantastic and people feel it!!!

    Congratulation to you and to all the djs and user on Afterhours

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    first of all, to congratulate to dan give that this making great work.
    y thank to him for to thrust.
    excelent selection of dj, s that afterhours has, from dj, s consolidated to great promises.afterhours to me is quality. and to also congratulate to all the equipment of dj, s by the great work that we are doing.

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    happy birthday ;)

    great work dan, hope forthcoming months will be even better ;P

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    Congratulations Dan & AH.FM family...what u've done here in last 6 months is just indescribable. Keep up the brilliant work:cheeers:

    >>> = fastest growing radio station <<<

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    AHddicted! Dan's Avatar
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    May 2006
    Once again thank you all for great support. Would like to see what other listeners think of Afterhours and express their feelings.

    So everyone who reads this please express yourself and say a few words. I would like to know, so I could make it even a better place and community.

    Thank You
    Most listened to Trance Radio - AH.FM
    Love AH.FM? become today.

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    AH Listener ziustem's Avatar
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    Nov 2006
    Happy 0.5 year B'day AH <3

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    Congrats Dan/afterhours
    Must say that theyre are awesome shows playing here..dont have enough time to listen as much as i would like too but..
    Great djs and shows..
    Great forum software too..easy to manage and use..
    Its an awesome page overall
    Only thing i can come up with is that stuff regarding a 48kbps stream or something for all the low bandwidth users out there..
    But you already know about that..its a thread about it somewhere..
    That way more people can get a taste of

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