PLN079 Aesis Alien - Change Over - Polena Records

Cat N. PLN079
Date Release: 2012.09.27
Format : wave, mp3
Distribution : Digital Shops
Artist: Aesis Alien
Single: Change Over
Country: Italy
Genres: Chillout - Ambient

Track Name:

1 The Time Has Come To - 07:39
2 More Than Ever - 07:04
3 Just You Try It - 06:34
4 Change Over - 07:03
5 I Will Never Forget It - 07:02

Ep description:

The Polena Records presents the latest release by Aesis Alien. The new ep called Change Over marks a turning point from the past, an irreversible change taking place... His new style characterized by fat and pumpig kicks & basses, trance melodies catch the memory of the listeners making them feel wonderful sensations like living a dream. A journey to a unique psychedelic progressive style perfect for the morning or closing festival set..

Enjoy to listen...!!!

Artist Bio:

AESIS ALIEN is a Psy-Trance project founded by Sasha Cardinali.
He born in 1977 and he moved his first steps in the psychedelic scene in 2001, with some performances in some big parties and organizing events in Marche Montain in collaboration with Goaspirit until 2004. He played in two edition of Street Rave , at Star Fuckers festival and Livello 57 both in Bologna and at Sun Explotion. In 2005 He travelled in Goa (India) and He played at Nine bar and others psychedelic beach bar. Follow In 2006 another journey this time in Brazil where He played for three times at Akatù Parties in Arraial d’Ajuda. Sasha is between the founders of Polena Records, he works actively at this project giving an essential contribution; in fact he collaborates to the creation of events and productions from 2004. In 2009 he starts to play with performance live in different parties and clubs in middle Italy. The debut of Aesis Alien discography is with the EP called “Wisdom Gate” where he put all his background to make Psy Trance music..
In 2011 Sasha togheter Valeria Aresta and Miche Fiori founder and promoter of Polena Lab the club where He can play every mounth his sound..

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