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Thread: The holidays are coming...

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    The holidays are coming...

    Hi Wild Things...
    I wanted to do something special for charity this Christmas. We did not get enough help to pull this off, so there has been a change in plans. The Christmas MP3's listed below are free for download and distribution.
    I am hoping that the songs are powerful enough to motivate each of us to find one special person.. someone who needs us this Christmas. There are so many ways to help.. take a name off the giving tree at your mall, look for someone in your neighborhood who needs a little help.. or even donate a couple dollars to your favorite charity.. such as the Make A Wish Foundation.

    You see.. it does not really matter what you do... it only matters that you care enough to do it. This is the most special time of the whole year.. a moment in time when people remember why we came here in the first place...

    You know.. the show aside.. when I was little we did not have a lot of money. I spent a lot of time wondering if I was going to be able to eat, let alone worry about anything else. I look back on that now and realize I was given a very precious gift. The gift of knowing and understanding the plight of others. It is not about the gifts, the food or even the beautiful decorations... It is about taking the time to care...

    I truely care.. and if I could I would make everything right.
    May the spirit of Christmas shine through each of you...
    Love, Santas helper ;)
    PS... Santa sends his love.. and the Aurora Borealis is pure magic here at the north pole...

    Right Click to download... Share with anyone you wish... God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

    More MP3s will be added soon.
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    nice and moving words Technetium! You are right in every way regarding the things you spoke of here. Anyway, getting a little bit hurried, it's more than a month left till Christmas, but thanks for the wishes downloading the song...I'll give feedback later
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    Great things to come to Afterhours... In the next few days I will reveal the information
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