AdisGile – The city of mine

Forfans of: Dop, Butch, Oliver Koletzki

1)The city of mine (Original Mix)
2)The city of mine (Radio Edit)
3)The city of mine (Dirty Cat Remix)

Aboutthe release:
Weproudly present with Adis Gile, a very talented, special musician,producer and dj on Dirty Cat Records. In „the city of mine“ hemixes crispy, playfull technobeats with funky synthesizer sounds andsaxophone melodies. Along with this you will get a fine, chillingremix by Dirty Cat. A round, nice release which will whet yourappetite and will bring a little bit of sunshine and warmth into theautumn days.

Aboutthe artist:
Musicis not just a way of life. It is the way of life. You'll findyourself dancing (in the mind or with the body) to the most unusualsounds. Find a beat and you'll be satisfied.“
AdisGile is an electronic music producer and DJ from Bosnia andHerzegowina. His main style is Deep/Techhouse, but he also likes thesound of a good funky techno track.
AdisGile started to professionaly DJ around 2008; He plays rythm and sologuitar in an acoustic cover band called Egentis.
In2010 Adis Gile recorded a techhouse mix called SOMMER SONNE FRECHEGOEHREN which won him a place at the electronic music conference inEXIT - which is the biggest and most know music festival insouth-east Europe.
In2011 he worked as a rezident DJ in charge for POP/HIPHOP/HOUSE/TECHNOin „DISKOTEKA CAMEL“ – one of the biggest clubs in the Balkanswhich is visited by nearly 2000 people every night.
Hisfirst release was a techhouse remix for AS_Brain - La Morena on aColombian record label called Dual Records.
In2012. Adis Gile continues to work on his musical journey.


90sechzig90(Exposure Music // Atomix Club X) - Wonderful dreamy vibes in here!support !
CarlAdams (blog ( Great project, full support. Thanks.
LAURENTN. (LCR & Electropical Records / Various Radio ShowS)- Original & remix are nice. I will play them for sure. SUPPORT!!!
OliverSchories (der turnbeutel / Ostwind / Parquet / MGF) - Whata nice mixture.
Tagträumer(BlackFoxMusic / Schallbox Records) - Welldone Dirty Cat
TheMicronauts (Christophe Monier - Rituel - Micronautics) -Very nice! thx for the music.
DeanNewton (Subliminal / CR2 // Luvely) - Coolchilled tracks
Beatamines(Beatamines | Keno records / Mangue) - Originalfor me! Nice!
TobsenGraale (Pater Jet Recordings, Fassade Rec.) - NiceEP, the remix is nice too. Good luck boys!
ALIENSIGNAL- Quitedecent, I will look to play it soon.
Mattscu- Greattrack, perfect for those loungy gigs.
DjRay Dell - Greatrelease. I will definitely support this all the way!
MarianPerdoch - gretasax riff...something for 7am sessions
KikoMartinez (DocePulgadas Radioshow) - Niceep.!!
MarcusVector (Tuning Sport, Contexterrior, Toys for Boys) - Lovely
IllboyPhil(Radio Fevah FM 88.3 Newzealand) (Treibjagd Records) - Verynice!
AlexanderBien ( // - Niceones
D.Kowalski(Lux23, Liquid Inc., CatsLoveBass - Artist and A&R Manager) -CoolEP!
Danny-D( (Housetime.FM / Clubtime.FM) - Nicework!
TobiDanton (Sudwerk, Zapata, Climax) - Cool!
LucioMalatoid (Malatoid Records Pressology Records and Distribution //Friday Line / Malatoid Sound Radioshow) - Track1 for me! Nice one
MarcelSareyka (Partysan Nord / - Soundsnice.

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