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Thread: Shingo Nakamura's Only Silk 01 [Silk Music]

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    Shingo Nakamura's Only Silk 01 [Silk Music]

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    Silk Digital Records is thrilled to present Shingo Nakamura's "Only Silk 01", the first in a new compilation series, inspired by the acclaimed Frisky Radio show of the same name. A continuous mix of thirteen new progressive and deep house cuts, written by a variety of celebrated international artists, "Only Silk 01" showcases the "classic" progressive house style of Silk Digital, as well as the signature deep house vibe of affiliate division Silk Textures. Who better to launch this exciting new annual compilation than Japanese sensation Shingo Nakamura, one of progressive's most beloved talents and an artist who has contributed more tracks to Silk over the last 5 years than any other? With an album ("Sapporo") and countless top-charting singles to his name, not to mention consistent radio support by many of the world's leading house, progressive, and trance DJ's over the last few years, Shingo continues to find inspiration as an artist, never failing to captivate audiences with his exceedingly emotive and visionary compositions. Leading, as usual, by example, Shingo features four of his own works on Only Silk 01, including three previously unreleased productions.

    The mix begins with "Viridian", the debut single by Shahin & Bench, an exceptional, UK-based duo, with a polished, veteran sound that belies their newcomer status. It is no surprise that Shingo has chosen to kick off the mix with this one: the track centers on a poignant lead piano theme, a style for which Shingo is equally known. Latvian duo Blood Groove & Kikis, a true contender in the breakthrough artist category in both deep and progressive house this year, are responsible for the next track in the mix. Their elegant remix of Liuwik & Airdraw's "White Collar" sustains the soothing, sentimental, and evocative mood. Dapple Apple, the brilliant progressive house composer who also hosts our Silk Textures radio show, is next, with "Telling The Speechless Story". Shingo's mix "sinks" to even greater emotional depth and clarity with this vivid, intricate, and richly layered composition. Fellow Russian talent Stan Chetverikov contributes for the first time to Silk with "Sensation," the fourth track in the mix. The rhythm picks up a bit with this one, courtesy of a chunky groove, while the the melodic tones subtly and delicately float and echo throughout the song.

    The first of Shingo's own new tracks is next, an inspired remix of "Science", originally produced by house legend Nick Hogendoorn. Building off of the percussive energy of "Sensation", this intriguing new tune includes a cinematic dialogue sample in the main break, as well as a crescendoing and hypnotic lead arpeggio, which explodes into the drop. Shingo's subsequent selection is the lush, deep house cut "4U", written by Ukrainian artist Yuriy Mikhailov (better known as meHiLove). This romantic tune is highlighted by a heavenly female vocal sample and a variety of gorgeous piano motifs. Rainbow Addict, who has appeared on every Silk compilation to date (including both "Silk Royal Showcase" albums), offers "Feeling Of The Raindrop". The break is especially notable in this one, as the 'raindrops' take the form of a stunning bell-tinged solo, while vox stabs dance above. Two Argentinian heavyweights, B.O.N.G. and Rodrigo Deem, have teamed up for "Clean Slate", which stands out immediately for its more dancefloor-friendly bassline groove. These two brilliant artists, both Silk veterans, also imbue the tune with tremendously rich melodic layers, which are felt most deeply and resonantly in the main break.

    The final third of the mix begins with a triumphant tune by Shingo, entitled "There For Me". This track possesses an "exoticism", as well as an overwhelmingly mellifluous and moving melodic progression, which create the sensation of being transported to a distant land, perhaps even Shingo's native Sapporo, Japan. Ad Brown, one of Silk's most accomplished artists, has teamed up with label newcomer Anushka De'sai on the radiant and euphoric "Apsara", the tenth cut in the mix. This melodic gem features a gorgeous chord progression, which is punctuated by a variety of delicate, fluttering arps and piano melodies. Shingo next treats us to his own remix of 19 Hz's "Round & Round", which was recently released on Silk Royal. He follows with his brand new song "Whither", the penultimate track in the mix. This jubilant cut showcases all of Shingo's signatures, including a euphoric lead synth and chord progression, which truly sparkle in the main break. Closing out the compilation, Shingo has enlisted trusty label veteran Sundriver, whose remix of Shingo's own "Move On" remains one of our label's proudest moments. A master craftsman of melodic and, above all, atmospheric progressive, Sundriver leaves us with "Cast Away", another quintessentially escapist aural experience, featuring a Spanish guitar and even a sun-kissed, beachside soundscape, in full, Balearic splendor.

    Cat#: SILKOS01
    Beatport & iTunes release date: October 23rd, 2012
    Genre: progressive house
    Format: digital
    Stores: Beatport, iTunes, JunoDownload

    01. Shahin & Bench - Viridian (Original Mix)
    02. Liuwik & Airdraw - White Collar (Blood Groove & Kikis Remix)
    03. Dapple Apple - Telling The Speechless Story (Piano Mix)
    04. Stan Chetverikov - Sensation (Original Mix)
    05. Nick Hogendoorn - Science (Shingo Nakamura Remix)
    06. Yuriy Mikhailov - 4U (Original Mix)
    07. Rainbow Addict - Feeling Of The Raindrop (Original Mix)
    08. B.O.N.G. & Rodrigo Deem - Clean Slate (Original Mix)
    09. Shingo Nakamura - There For Me (Original Mix)
    10. Ad Brown & Anushka De'sai - Apsara (Original Mix)
    11. 19 Hz - Round & Round (Shingo Nakamura Remix)
    12. Shingo Nakamura - Whither (Original Mix)
    13. Sundriver - Cast Away (Club Mix)

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    Silk Music @ YouTube
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