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01 RONNY K & ZIKI memories(new world)
02 MATIAS HOLMBERG planet earth(sy gardner)
03 REORDER cry me a river(suncatcher & pizz@dox)
04 RONNY K ft JAKUB HUBNER missing you(vocal dub)
06 ANOIKIS unspoken love
07 MOSHAR after all(frank waanders)
08 LAKER & MIHAILOV uprising
09 CAROL LEE edge of a broken heart(m.d.k)
10 CYMATICS a state of bliss(lost sunrise)
11 J.HEELSING ft REN heaven on earth(the noble six)
12 HIROYUKI ODA revive
13 MICHELE CECCHI illusion
14 TONY NESSE hole in the sky(arctic moon)
15 CYMATICS ballad for love
16 LAKER & MIHAILOV elision