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Thread: Track list for Sasha Pidann - Summerfix 2006

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    Track list for Sasha Pidann - Summerfix 2006

    Anyone able to help me make the tracklist or have it somewhere? ;D


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    im sure Sasha Pidann will post it here, I will try and remind him mate.

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    Sasha Pidann here,

    Hope you guys liked the set, to tell you the truth the set was random and live, so i dont really know myself

    I will relisten to it myself and post tracklisting ASAP


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    ah I loved that set please do *jumping like a happy little elf*

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    Here it is

    1. Pryda - Sucker DJ (Original Mix)
    2. Fonzerelli - Moonlight Party (Original)
    3. Super8 & DJ Tab - Helsinki Scorchin (Original Mix)
    4. Andrew Bennett - Ocean Drive (Probspot Remix)
    5. Lume - Lume (Adam Sheridan Remix)
    6. Frost & Maron - Mute Your Mind (Original Mix)
    7. ID - ID
    8. DJ Vesiga vs. Jomar - Nightoperator (Club Mix)
    9. Hammer & Funabashi feat Angie Hedman - Moments (Original Mix)
    10. Tom Cloud - Told you so (Original Mix)
    11. Niyaz - Dilruba (Junkie XL Remix)

    Hope you enjoyed the set, here is the tracklisting more or less, the only track i cant tell what it is, is #7, when i got the demo it did not have a name yet, and it was in early June, so i dont know what it is actually called, but the rest are all good

    keep on dancin,

    Sasha Pidann

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    Ah thanks so much.

    Keep up the good work ;D

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