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    Is recording from Afterhours illegal? I want to be able to listen to it in my car when I run my daily errands but seeing as there is no sufficient wireless broadband internet technology for cars yet (at least not in the United States) I would like to know if I could burn a few hours of programming to an MP3 CD and play it in my car's MP3 CD-compatible player without getting in trouble? Thanks in advance.


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    It's not illegal. These days all cars receive local radio stations as long as they have a radio. Why not playing a bit of AH in your car? to afterhours by the way

    It's also possible to download all of the shows who have been played here at AH.FM TORRENTS

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    If you like djs works please support them by purchasing their tracks, albums etc.

    As for AH shows, you can download them from AH link laan provided.


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