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    Katadunkass - K.Schneider Guestmix

    What have you been up recently?
    I've been mostly focusing on my studying at the moment, but that doesn't go against my musical life. I'm spending more time than ever searching for the right tracks, new artists, labels and sounds. I'm currently busy with my Electronic Spectrum Sessions, a couple of exclusive mixes and another edition of my Pillars Of Creation Mixes which should be finished sometime next year.

    The idea behind the mix
    I tried to create something unique as I could, but still keep the quality as high as possible. This mix is, hopefully, something you haven't heard many times before, if ever. I wanted to mix something that reflected me as a person and what I think EDM music is all about. It's not just the pounding bassline, the simple melodies and flat lyrics, but something much deeper. I tried to mix this with all my heart and I'm actually VERY happy with the outcome.

    What kind of styles?
    Talking about a "journey" in trance sets is getting a cliché, so I'm not going to say that. Instead, I wanted to tell a story about who I am and what I love about EDM. I tried to mix as many different genres as possible and that's why you'll find both Chill-out, Ambient, Electronic and Deep House. I actually tried to stay away from the usual genres as Trance, Progressive House, Psy-trance, Techno and so on.
    You'll also hear a World Exclusive; A unique mashup for my forthcoming Pillar Of Creation Mix.

    Future Plans
    As said, I'm working hard on my Electronic Spectrum Sessions and I want to make them better than ever. Besides that, I'm trying to discover new styles, genres, artists, labels and emotions. I don't care where they come from, I just want quality.

    Many times a great mix can be dismissed by the regular listener due to a bad-looking tracklist. Either because you haven't heard the names before or you're afraid of discovering something new and exciting. I want to go beyond that and won't give a tracklist away for the moment. I'll post it when this guestmix has been aired at my SoundCloud page.

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